The base of the parochial book collections of the Catholic church in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the Stanislaus era
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Stanisław Witecki - a history graduate with a specialisation in historical anthropology as part of the Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the Jagiellonian University. In 2015, he defended his MA thesis entitled "Księgozbiory (Book Collections)" dealing with the book culture of the parsons in the Diocese of Płock in the times of bishop Michał Jerzy Poniatowski, written under the supervision of Prof. Dr hab. Andrzej Chwalba.

During 2013-2018 he carried out a research project "From the pastoral letter to the sermons - Catholic Church's activity as the channel of cultural communication between social classes in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in King Stanisław August's times" financed from budgetary funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for science during 2012-2015 as part of a program entitled "Diamond Grant".

His interests focus on the culture of the eighteenth-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth approached in a broadly anthropological way. Currently, he pays special attention to the problem of the social penetration range of ideas, the specificity of folk and elite culture and the relationship between them, the role of the Catholic clergy in the transmission of cultural content. Earlier, he dealt with the history of mentality, first of all, the issue of rationality of magic and the history of sexual and gender cultural norms and their implementation in the eighteenth-century countryside.

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